The Top 10 Nostalgic Bollywood Songs for Kids

The Top 10 Nostalgic Bollywood Songs for Kids

As a parent, are you missing those nostalgic and classic oldies?  The ones you used to jump up on the couch and sing instead of cleaning your room or pretending to be a backup dancer for the infamous SRK? And are you looking for a song list to dance with your kids and show them the best of the oldies? Look no further!  

Follow along as we travel through 10 ionic goldies that you and your munchkin can dance along to! 

#1 Main Toh Raste Se Jaa Raha Tha – Coolie No 1 

Main Toh Raste Se Jaa, Govinda

You might need a snack to help you keep up with this song!  Govinda and Karishma Kapoor start high energy and keep it going throughout the video, talking about ice cream and bel puri!

Vocabulary wise, your little one will learn past tense (e.g. "main ice cream khaa raha tha"), and words like "mirchi" which might come in handy when traveling to South Asia!

Is the video appropriate for kids? Yes, the videos shows us some great food, dance moves and most of all Govinda's iconic style. Children will love his easy dance steps they can follow along with. 

Key learning words: 

Rasta- road 

LaRki- a girl

Mirchi- spicy 

Ice cream khaa raha tha - I was eating ice cream (male perspective)


#2 Yeh Dosti – Sholay 

Yeh Dosti

This song, featuring two super-hero actors, Amitabh Bachchan and Dharmendra is one that will last for ages! Grab your buddy and show them how much their friendship has meant to you. With a steady and constant rhythm, this is an easy song for kids to sing along with! 

Is this video appropriate for kids?  Yes, very fun and light. Perfect for kids, with both the actors doing silly antics while driving a tandem scooter. They dance, sing and enjoy the countryside as they drive through it together!

Key learning words: 

Dosti - friendship 

ToRengey - break 

ChoRengey - leave

Nahin – won't (in this context, otherwise it means "no")

Jeet - victory 

Haar - defeat 

Sun - listen 

Gham – sorrow 


#3 Hawa Hawai – Mr. India 

Hawa Hawai, Bollywood Oldies for Kids

Ever wanted to combine your love for somewhere tropical like Hawaii and your favorite Bollywood beats?  Look no further than this playfully upbeat song by Sridevi!  Fun challenge: see who can make the best facial expressions during this song! You can even copy Sridevi for some inspiration!

Is this video appropriate for kids? Yes! There is some minor drinking and smoking by the attending guests -- but the song is very silly and playful, with Sridevi as the main focus.

Key learning words: 

Khwaabon - dreams 

Shehzadi - princess 

Dil – heart 

Badal - clouds 

Bijili - lightening 

Kehte hain mujhko Hawa Hawai - They call me Hawa Hawai


#4 Koi Ladki Hai - Dil To Pagal Hai 

It might not be raining but who says you can’t dance like it is! Show your little ones how to dance like Madhuri and SRK in this beloved original! With a steady beat and the focus set on the drums, your kids will be up and dancing in no time!  

Is this video appropriate for kids? Absolutely! Set to a group of children dancing to lyrics about animals and weather -- this song is basically made for kids.

Key learning words:

GhoRa – horse 

Haathi- elephant 

Raja - king 

Hasti - laugh 

Baarish – rain


#5 Baar Baar Dekho Hazaar Baar Dekho – China Town 

Baar Baar Dekho, top oldies for kids

Take the kids back to the time of black and white screens, live orchestras, and beautifully draped saris and of course, Shammi Kapoor! This elegant song will show them how to "taali" (clap) in no time!  

Is this video appropriate for kids? Yes, black, and white, simple and very old school!  

Key learning words: 

Taali ho – clap on 

Hazaar baar - a thousand times

Poocho - ask 

Baar baar – again and again 


#6 Nimbooda Nimbooda – Hum Dil Chuke Sanam 

Nimbooda, best oldies songs for kids

Channel the late 90's Indian sangeet /wedding performance days and show your kids this colorful, traditional song. Aishwarya gives you a dance full of lemons (nimbooda) which might have you needing some lemonade after playing this hit!  

Is this video appropriate for kids? Yes, Aishwarya, dressed in traditional Gujarati attire is showcasing some impressive (and particularly difficult) dance moves that may have your kids wanting to enroll into dance class soon!  The video is colorful, joyful, bright and upbeat.

Key learning words:

Nimbooda - lemon 

Kaacha – raw 

Chota – small 

Jaadoo - magic  

Hariya – green 


#7 Gore Gore Mukhde Pe – Suhaag 

Gore Gore Mukhde Pe, top oldies songs for kids

With a whimsical tune and a comedic Akshay Kumar, get ready to have fun with this song!  Bust out the sunglasses and see who can pull off the best moves to follow this video! 

Is this video appropriate for kids? It displays Akshay flirting with other girls while singing about his crush but, for the most part, appropriate for kids because she straightens him out! 

Key learning words: 

Gora – fair 

Kaala chashma– black sunglasses

Mukdha – face 

Jawani - youth 

Karishma – wonder 


#8 Ladki Badi Anjani Hai – Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

bollywood oldies for kids

Gather all the balloons you can and throw a dance party with this evergreen song by SRK and Kajol. Your kids will able to see the all-star pairing of Kajol & SRK, because there is no Bollywood education without these two! 

Is this video appropriate for kids? Yes!  The song is full of kids at a summer camp so it’s perfect for kids to watch:). 


Key learning words:

LaRki - girl

Sapna - dream 

Pagli/ pagla - silly girl, silly guy

Bilkul na badli/badla - she/he hasn't changed at all

Sach – reality 

Kahani – story 


#9 ABCDEFGHI – Hum Saath Saath Hai 

Oldie bollywood songs for kids

A full cast full of family love!  What could be more heartwarming than that?  Follow along with some of your favorite actors and actresses and show your kids the Desi way to learn the ABC’s! 

Is this video appropriate for kids? Very much!  It does have small displays of affection by the couples in different stages of their relationships but very, very PG! 

Key learning words: 

Bachon – kids 

Masti- fun

Behen – sister 

Jiji - sister (a name you call a sister)

Babul – dad 


#10 UP Wala Thumka – Hero No 1 

UP wala Thumka, oldies for kids

UP wala or Mumbai wala!  Time to see who has the best hero dance in this fun golden number by Karishma and Govinda!  Bonus points if you and your kids are wearing red to dance along! 

Is this video appropriate for kids?  Yes! Govinda and Karishma are back again with a lighthearted and fun dance number that anyone can bust a move to! 

Key learning words: 

Thumka - a dance move

Naach – dance

Chaal - walk

Hero jaise naachke dikhaaoon – show you how I dance like a hero

Chup Chupke- secretly 


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