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Classes & Subscription

There are TWO live classes a month. Live classes are on the second Sunday of every month at 3pm PST, AND the last Saturday of every month at 8am PST. Here is an example of our LIVE session -
If you’ve subscribed to our monthly or yearly subscription you can log into your account and select "My Subscriptions." Select your membership, and you will see an option to cancel your membership. If you have ordered any products with your subscription discount, you can only cancel the shipment if it has not been shipped yet (and you have not received a tracking number by email). Please note, we can only refund subscriptions 30 days after purchase.
The subscription service has both Hindi Classes and Immersion Videos to not only help your child learn Hindi, but also understand Hindi through real-life settings.
Our Hindi Classes are jam-packed with useful Hindi words, phrases, sentences and stories. It will help your child converse with relatives, tell stories, have conversations and more!

To top it off, our classes and videos are FUN and easy to do. All you need is 10-15 minutes a day. In the Hindi Classes, we cover:

  • Grandparent-Approved Conversation – E.g. How are you? Where do you live? What are you doing? Where is __?
  • Useful Vocabulary & Common Phrases – including colors, numbers, verbs, opposites, time related words, food words, everyday items — and more!
  • Advanced Sentences – Past, Future and Present tense sentences — e.g. “I am running, he ran, we will run, etc.
  • Introducing Yourself – Kids will be able to describe themselves, including features, name age, where they live etc.
  • Real Life Situations -- like asking for things, interacting at the table, actions, etc.
  • Describing Themselves & Others – Describe their friends and family.
Absolutely! Check out the course preview here:
The subscription service has both Hindi classes and Immersion Videos to help your child learn how to actually speak and understand Hindi, but ALSO to expose them to Hindi through song, dance and real-life, fun activities.

You will have access to ~70+ bite sized videos.

  • Hindi Classes:
    The Hindi classes are video-based with ~60+ short videos that teach conversational Hindi. The short videos will keep your child’s attention, and cover lots of material. Each video has a corresponding worksheet, game, activity or flashcards. You can download them directly from the course page (available below the videos).
  • Immersion Videos:
    The immersion videos help expose your child to Hindi through song, dance and fun activities. All the immersion videos are 100% in conversational Hindi and use hook words and visuals to help your child follow along, even if they do not know Hindi themselves. These immersion videos will help them start to understand Hindi through physical activity, creativity and motion -- all of which make learning move faster!
The videos are great for kids of all ages from 3-12. Younger kids will need their parents’ help with certain worksheets.
You can access the subscription membership options here. We have a yearly subscription or a monthly subscription service.
Our video slate is ever expanding, we will add fun content to the service every few months.
If you purchase the Yearly Membership, we do a LIVE class with kids once a month. You can see an example here -- -- the classes are super fun and interactive, and kids love them:). The rest of the program is self paced, allowing you to do classes in your own time. It includes lots of games, homework, quizzes and activities. All the videos are 3-5 minutes long so kids can do one per day and only spend 10-15 mins on it.
Once you purchase the subscription service, you will be directed to a page to register and log in with a username and password. After logging in, you will immediately have access to the videos. It’s that simple! If you have any technical issues, email with the subject line “LOGIN”.
Make sure you are using the most updated version of Chrome and have a working internet connection. If you are still having issues, email
You can watch the videos on your laptop, iPad or on your phone. Your choice!
No worries! The program is great for parents who don't speak Hindi themselves. If your child needs help with homework, simon says audio etc, you might have to reference the videos. Each video is short, so helping them will not be difficult.
We do not sell any Hindi Courses on their own. The videos in the subscription service are a whole package that help kids learn Hindi through classes and exposure. This includes real-life immersion videos, multiple courses, dance videos and more.
The Hindi By Reena Video Subscription Service offers kids a way to learn Hindi through classes and fun, interactive immersion videos. The classes were created after 10+ years of research working with kids face-to-face. In addition to the Hindi Classes, the Immersion Videos will help kids understand Hindi through physical activity, creativity and motion - all of which make learning move faster!

Each class video has homework, games, and activity sheets.

As a Hindi By Reena Subscriber you will not only get full access to these videos and homework, you will also get a discount on Hindi By Reena books and workbooks.

Sign on to a monthly or yearly plan here
We will charge the credit card or PayPal at the time of purchase. For the subscriptions, the purchase will lead you directly to a registration and login page, so you can access the videos.
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Books & Workbooks

For each Hindi Course, we also have a ready-to-go companion workbook. In addition to the course homework and parent practice sheets, these workbooks also include BONUS worksheets, AND high-quality ready made flashcards. Printed in full color, on high-quality paper, these workbooks are durable and will save you hours of printing time.
Your child can use this workbook to follow along with the course, video by video. It not only extends learning, but also provides extra learning for your child!
The "My First Hindi Words!" (yellow) book comes as both a paperback and hardcover board book. The board book version is perfect for babies to hold and flip pages themselves.
Sizing -- The paperback book is 8"X8" and board book is 6"X6”.
At this time, the “My First Hindi Words! - Things That Go” and “My First Hindi Words! - Opposites” books are only available as paperback books (8”X8”). When purchasing the Series, you will get a copy of all three paperback books.
You can subscribe to our email list by entering your email on the bottom of our Hindi By Reena homepage, and we will provide exclusive discount codes, free learning materials and more. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with all our new discount codes.
The “My First Hindi Words!” Series is perfect for babies, toddlers, and kids who are just building their Hindi vocabulary.


Yes we do! The subscription service is video-based so you will have access no matter where you are around the world. For the books and workbooks, we have international shipping available for countries outside the US.
Reach out to and we can double check its status. You should also have received a tracking number via email which will help you track your package.
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