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Hindi Classes & Immersion Videos

This robust Hindi-Learning program features ~85+ Hindi Classes and Immersion videos -- that teach Hindi through Sing Along Songs, Bollywood Dances, Bedtime Stories and Arts & Crafts!

We also have LIVE Hindi Classes twice a month!

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Check out a Preview of our Hindi Classes

The Hindi classes are video-based with ~60+ short videos that teach conversational Hindi. The short videos will keep your child’s attention, and cover lots of material. Each video has a corresponding worksheet, game, activity or flashcards.

Check out a Preview of our Immersion Videos

Expose your child to Hindi through song, dance, arts & crafts and fun activities! All these videos are 100% in conversational Hindi and use hook words and visuals to help your child follow along. Through physical activity and creativity -- your child's learning will move even faster!

Watch our LIVE Hindi Classes

Yearly Members get access to TWO free live Hindi classes a month. The classes are high-energy, super fun and reiterate what kids learn in the program. We even and add some new actions, vocab, games and songs.

Live Class Schedule

Yearly Members get access to two live Zoom classes a month, check out the class schedule here.

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Sign up here to try out our upbeat classes! (free with the yearly membership).