10 South-Asian Mom Influencers on Instagram You Need to Follow!

10 South-Asian Mom Influencers on Instagram You Need to Follow! 

As South Asians living outside of the India, Pakistan, Nepal, etc, there hasn't always been representation in the media. Until recently, there wasn't one collective place for South Asian women to connect and converse.

But Instagram changed all that! There is a massive and growing South Asian community on Instagram that will help every SA, brown woman navigate life, fashion, motherhood and more.

Below are 10 influencers that are currently paving the way for brown women everywhere. They provide everything from fashion advice, easy SA inspired recipes, and tips on parenthood.


1. Palak Patel - @TheChutneyLife

 Palak Patel, The Chutney Life

With a colorful and vibrant page full of delicious easy-to-make recipes, family and fashion snippets -- Palak is easy-going and wonderfully like-able.  She is an open book, sharing the ins and outs of parenting a toddler, and how she infuses her Indian identity into her day-to-day.

Followers: 206K

Located: US

Why should you follow her?  Palak is a mom to a toddler herself so she gets it! She gives yummy easy-to-follow recipes for your kids and family, as well as products she uses at home to make your day as stress-free as possible!


2. Vidya Gopalan - @QueenCityTrends

Vidya Gopalan

With over 540,00 followers on TikTok, this beauty queen has a background in marketing with a strong interest in fashion design. After becoming a stay-at-home mother to her two wonderful kids, she now aims to create and share content about fashion and style that is both budget and family-friendly! 

Followers:  69.9K 

Located: US

Why should you follow her?  Vidya makes fashion easy and enjoyable, without making it intimidating. Shop her looks or just enjoy snapshots of her family life.  She is a fashion-forward momma with the cutest models ever -- her kids! 


    3. Arshia Moorjani - @ArshiaMoorjani

    Arshia Moorjani

    Beauty, makeup, fun finds, fitness and family -- this new mom is here to show it all! Arshia got her start in the fashion/beauty world as the editor of Cosmo India, where she realized the lack of South Asian beauty content creators. She decided to take a chance and launch her own YouTube and Instagram channel. The bet paid off and she has a whopping 800k+ followers across the platforms. 

    Followers: 406K 

    Located: US

    Why should you follow her? She gives expert advice on makeup and beauty, while not shying away from being honest about being a new mom, beauty expectations and more. She is hugely successful, but down-to-earth at the same time!


      4. Diipa Khosla - @diipakhosla

      Diipa Khosla

      Talk about making waves! While dominating all things law, she wanted to work on empowering one thing the most: Indian women. She obtained her international law degree and worked with the UN all the while keeping her focus on how to give a voice to women. Diipa not only has her own foundation, Post For Change, which aims to use social media influencers to drive global change -- but also launched her very own Ayurvedic skincare brand Inde Wild.  

      Followers: 1.7 million

      Located: Netherlands 

      Why should you follow her?  She is high-fashion, warm and supportive and has the cutest family!


      5. Farah Dhukai - @FarahDhukai

      Farah Dhukai, South Asian Instagram Influencer

      Farah is a Canadian influencer, new mom and the owner of the clean-beauty brand Farsali along with her husband. Funny, deeply honest and relatable, Farah posts beauty tips (like how to grow your hair), talks about her relationships, and more. She even calls herself "your internet auntie!"

      Followers: 6.4 million 

      Located: Canada

      Why should you follow her?  She is funny, disarmingly honest about her life and creates a safe open space for people to be themselves.


        6. Nabela Noor - @Nabela

        Nabela Noor

        A modern pioneer for South Asian women, she paved the way as one of the first influencers to show how to mix dainty details of the West and the East. She even created her own South Asian inspired home-decor brand, Saara & Begum  She is stylish, chic and inspiring.

        Followers: 2.3 Million 

        Located: US

        Why should you follow her?  Aside from being an amazing entrepreneur, she is a mom and incorporates her family into everything she does. Follow her for sleek minimal style, home decor ideas and inspiration!


          7. Sangita Patel - @Sangita.Patel

          Sangita Patel

          Talk about being versatile!  Sangita initially obtained her degree in electrical engineering and worked in her respective field until she found an interest in newscasting. She worked her way up from volunteering in the media outlets to presenting on The Weather Channel. From then on her career on-air bloomed into entertainment and lifestyle with segments on In the City, Entertainment Tonight Canada, and more.  

          Followers: 137K 

          Located: Canada

          Why should you follow her?  She is a role model for her daughters and South Asian women everywhere.  She shows you how to love being a mother, wife, and live your life to the fullest.  


            8. Kamana Bhaskaran - @KamanaBhaskaran

            Kamana Bhaskaran, South Asian Mom Influencer, Instagram

            With a career in health-technology, she decided to become innovative not only in her field of work but on social media as well. Through Instagram and Tik Tok she is a digital creator who shares her love for everything she grew up with.  From home storage hacks to life hacks, to her love for her culture and her beautiful family. 

            Followers: 145K 

            Located: US

            Why should you follow her?  Her amazing life-hacks (like how to remove haldi stains), home tips, and Desi-inspired cheese boards are perfect for every South Asian household.


              9. Irene Sarah - @IreneSarah

              Irene Sarah

              A mom with a love for fashion and all things pastel! This mommy influencer lives in the sunshine of California and brings a little bit of that sunshine to her page every time she posts.  Between her beautiful kids, friends and life hacks you'll be so glad you followed her.

              Followers: 504K

              Located: US

              Why should you follow her?  Her page is a true treat to the eyes. Luxury, pastels, pinks, heightened style, kids, fashion and travel -- she covers it all!


                10. Jyoti Chand - @MamaJotes


                Jyoti or MamaJotes aims to make you laugh, and love your life as much as she loves hers. She is laugh out loud funny, playing jokes on her husband, finding the funny in everyday situations and makes keen observations!

                Followers: 131K

                Located: US

                Why should you follow her? She's a joy! Her posts are creative and really showcase the funny side of being a Desi mom in the US.