5 Fun Things To Do This Rakhi With Kids

It’s the day that all sisters can’t wait for -- Raksha Bandhan, or Rakhi for short!

Traditionally, on this day younger sisters tie a Rakhi (a decorated thread) on their big brother for his protection.

Today, families around the world use this holiday as an opportunity to celebrate the bond between all siblings - even cousins or friends you consider family are a special bond. By tying a rakhi on their sibling, or by getting the rakhi tied to them -- it symbolizes they will always have one another's best interest at heart. The Rakhi symbolizes protection, love and respect.

This sacred and unique bond that should be celebrated! Here are 5 fun ways to celebrate Rakhi with kids this year! 

1. Rakhi Coloring pages & Activity Pack

Rakhi Coloring Page, Raksha Bandhan Coloring Page 

Print out our free, 6-page Rakhi Activity Pack. It includes two color by numbers pages, goes over the Hindi colors, and teaches your children words like "bhai" (brother) and "behen" (sister).

Make sure your children know the Hindi colors before doing the coloring sheet! You can download our Hindi Colors Flashcards HERE.

2. Make a handmade Rakhi


Here are some quick ideas to make a Rakhi yourself at home (from NS Creative Collections). For many of these, all you need is string, glue. You might have to get creative for the embellishments, since many of these are not available in the US. That being said, Krishna Home Decor has great DIY Rakhi kits and embellishments available!

Of course the DIY Rakhis are probably easiest to do for kids 6+!

If you are looking for easier ideas, you can buy friendship bracelets from Amazon -- like THIS ONE -- and add embellishments of your own!

3. Learn a Rakhi song - Phoolon Ka Taaron Ka

A classic song, especially perfect to learn on Rakhi is "Phoolon ka Taaron Ka." The videos shows us a little boy and his little sister. The brother tells his sister how special she is, saying she's "one in thousands" and how their bond will last a lifetime. With a cool 1970s vibe, the song is extremely sweet. 

Is the video appropriate for kids?  Yes it is! Brought to life with the melodious voice of Lata Mangeshkar (singing for a little boy haha), this video shows the sweet bond between a brother and sister and how they play and get along.  Playing this on the big screen and have your kids sing along!

Key learning words: 

Phoolon – flowers 

Taaron- stars 

Hazaron – a thousand 

Behana – sister 

Duniya – world  


    Print out the "Phoolon Ka Taaron Ka" lyric sheet below or HERE

    Phoolon Ka Taaron Ka lyric sheet, Rakhi song, Raksha Bandhan song

    4. Read Rakhi Books

    Indian Books for Rakhi 

    My Raksha Bandhan: Promise to Protect by: Priya Kumari and Komal Garg 

    Take a trip with Taaraa and Chundoo as they bring alive the spirit of this Hindu festival. The siblings wish each other well and enjoy the sweetness of their bond. Find out how a little toy changes their day into a quest and gives a bigger meaning to their festival.

    Bracelets for Bina's Brothers

    For the Hindu holiday of Raksha Bandhan, Bina is determined to make beaded bracelets for her brothers all by herself. She finds out which colors her brothers like and dislike and sets to work. Working with her every-other-one beading pattern causes Bina to discover something new about patterns--and her brothers.

    It’s That Time of Year! Raksha Bandhan is Here! By: Vanessa Kapadla. 

    This book is great to keep the little ones entertained as they follow along with the activities they can celebrate on this day.  They can also look for all the hidden Rakhis along the way to the end! 

    Adventures with Teddy: Raksha Bandhan by: Karishma Motiram, Seema Khatri. 

    This book takes a brother and sibling duo back in time to show them the beginning of traditions for Raksha Bandhan and see if they can make some new ones along the way! 

    Lilu’s Rakhi by: Devika Joglekar

    Follow little Lilu on her adventure to celebrate a centuries-long tradition, Raksha Bandhan, by making her own unique twist on the day. Lilu is looking for a way to make her own environmentally conscience rakhi for her brother!

    5. Make mithai at home

    Make a simple mithai (sweet) at home with your kids like the above no-bake, star shaped ladoos! This one has few ingredients, and very few steps so you can do with with any age kid!