The Best Indian Movies for Your Kids on Hulu (updated)

The 5 Best Hindi Movies for Your Kids on Hulu (updated)

Looking for some Indian movies to get your kids to know the actors and actresses you’ve always loved as a kid? Or to just have them learn some of those old school songs? Look no further!  If you’ve already seen everything on Netflix and Amazon Prime, check out Hulu’s selection of Bollywood movies!  

Below are the top 5 Hindi movies for kids on Hulu!  Enjoy! 

1. Hungama 

hungama, best movies for kids

Talk about a love triangle that just keeps expanding!  This will be a fun way to show your young ones why sometimes it’s a lot easier to tell the truth:).

Anjali moves to Mumbai in search of a job and pretends to be married to a stranger (enter, our first love interest) Nandu, to afford a place to stay. Our other love interest, Jeetu hires Anjali at his electronics store, mistaking her for his friend's daughter. Anjali who needs a job, decides to go along with it. 

This leads to an entanglement of lies for the trio -- as they cover up one lie after another, while also falling in love. 

This movie is funny, lighthearted, sweet! 

2. Aisha 

aisha, 5 best movies for kids

The Indian version of "Clueless" or the classic Jane Austen novel, Emma, this movie is a fabulous, high-fashion Indian rom-com. Short and sweet, this movie is just over 2 hrs (and nowhere near the normal 3-hours)!

Follow along with Sonam Kapoor as she plays Aisha, the perfect matchmaker for her friends, or so she thought. That is until love knocks on her door, and shows her that love doesn’t have an agenda or a seating chart. 

So, sit back, relax, and get the popcorn because this one will have your kids hooked in no time! They'll even get a glimpse into the luxurious, high-fashion side of India -- something we seldom see in Bollywood/Hollywood movies.


3. Bhoothnath 

Bhoothnath, Top 5 movies for kids on Hulu

Who says all ghosts are scary?  In this delightful movie made for kids, your little ones will have a great time seeing the relationship between Bhoothnath and little Banku. 

Bhoothnath is a ghost of an elderly man that haunts his former house and Banku is a little kid who believes that everyone has good in them, right down to the ghosts that haunt houses for fun.

While trying to scare off Banku and his family from buying his old estate, Bhoothnath begins to develop a caring relationship with him and decides to tell them why he haunts his house. 

Let your kids follow along with this funny and heartwarming adventure as they try to free Bhoothnath from his haunting grounds so he can be free once again! 

4. Bol Bachchan

bol bachchan, top 5 hindi movies for kids

In this hilarious movie, Abbas, a Muslim man, breaks into a sacred Hindu temple to save a child. To avoid getting into trouble, Abbas changes his name to a fake Hindu name. Soon, this one lie turns in to a giant web of lies!

The whole family will have a blast with this movie! Expect over-the-top comedy and action:).


5. Hero No. 1

hero no. 1, Top 5 Hindi Movies for kids on Hulu

This is a perfect way to introduce your kids to the OG king of comedy, Govinda! 

With the reboot out, watching the original is a must for this lighthearted Indian romantic comedy! 

In this timeless movie, Raju and Meena leave India on separate paths to travel to Europe but end up meeting in England. They quickly realize their feelings for one another, but their parents disapprove and break them apart. 

So, in the most traditional Bollywood way, Govinda not only sings and dances but charms and laughs his way not only into the hearts of Meena’s family -- but into the hearts of your family as well!