These 6 Unique Indian Sweets Brands are the Perfect Gift this Diwali (from South Asian Owned Brands)!

It’s the most family-packed, food-filled, henna-decorated day of the entire year! Diwali, of course! And what better way to get into the spirit than by satisfying your mithai fill? But this year, let’s add a twist! 

Below is a compiled list of various mithai flavors that will still remind you of all the sugary goodness, but in a creative and new form.  From masala chai ice cream to Gulab Jamun Bundt cake, we implore you to take a look at the new side of mithai this Diwali season!


1. Elements truffles 


This unique brand, creates delicious Ayurvedic fine chocolates. Exactly the kind of sweet your relatives (young and old alike), will love. Not only are these sweets Ayurvedic, but they are dairy-free, refined sugar-free, gluten-free, soy free, and ethnically sourced.

They have wildly unique flavors like chai spice, black lime, sea salt with turmeric, and many more. There’s something for everyone in each of their beautiful boxes of chocolates.


2. Xocolatti 

xocolatti chocolates, diwali 

Shaineal Shah’s chocolates have been made famous through a lot of big avenues in the USA.  It’s made it to Oprah’s top favorite things and has even made it to the White House at the Department of State lunch held by President Joe Biden and Secretary of State, John Kerry. 

With flavors ranging from Cardamom crème Brulé to Raspberry Hazelnut, to Rose Hip Pistachio -- a Xocolatti gift is sure to impress!   


3. Madhu Chocolates

 Madhu chocolate, diwali gifts


Coming from the word (madhu) that means sweet or honey, this small, ethically sourced chocolate shop has everything you're looking for.  From the quality chocolate, the taste of home, and even the beautifully colored and printed packaging. 

CEO Harshit Gupta named the company after his mom whose cooking helped paved the way for his budding career in becoming a unique chocolatier. 

If you’re looking for a fresh take on the chocolate bar, and flavors that remind you of home, definitely check them out! 


4. Tagmo Treats 

 tagmo treats

The next time someone tells you to be as fierce as a tiger, trust in the words of chef Surbhi Sahni and believe in being “Tagmo” which is a Bhutanese word for the tigress, and coincidently the name of her restaurant! 

She started off by selling her mithai as part of her small confectionary company in 2019 and as she needed a way to adapt to the strains of the pandemic, she took her sweets online and has kept expanding since. 

This Diwali she has a vast collection of sweets to order from that will help make your place the place to be! 


5. Malai Ice Cream 

 Malai ice cream

With Malai Ice Cream, CEO Pooja Bavishi took the flavors that she grew up with in her traditional Indian household, reinvented it, and made something new -- ice cream!

She started Malai in 2015 and has kept up with new flavor profiles and has earned a loyal following ever since.

This Diwali you can pick up a pint of her Rose with Cinnamon Roasted Almonds ice cream, her Kulfi Ice Cream Pops or more.


6. Milk and Cardamom 

milk and cardamom, diwali cookies

Well known from MasterChef season 6, Hetal Vasavada creates festive and awe-inspiring treats with a Desi flair.

To enhance your Diwali night, she has Gulab Jamun Bundt cake and pistachio, rose and cardamom tart.  She also has Indian inspired cookie and cake making kits that you can do with your whole family. Be sure to check out Milk and Cardamom this Diwali!