The Top Bollywood Dance Songs For
Your Kids (2021)

The Top Bollywood Dance Songs For Your Kids (2021)

The Holidays are here, which means time off, and loads of time to party, dance and celebrate. 

If you are Desi, it also means that wedding season is starting up again! What better time to have your kids up-to-date on the newest (appropriate) Bollywood dance songs for kids. 

Our previous post The Top 10 Bollywood Dance Songs For Your Kids covered older Hindi dance songs, while this one includes the latest popular songs that you’ll hear in 2021.

Here is a list of the Top 10 Bollywood Dance Songs for your Kids (2021). I have included key words for your kids to learn so they can sing along!

You can also find this playlist on Saavn or Spotify:) 




#1 Morni Banke 

 The Best Bollywood Songs for Kids 2021

I dare you to not dance on this one! Like most Punjabi songs, this song is so catchy and fun and is played at every dance party. Set at a wedding-like event, this video has full-on Desi attire and bhangra-style dancing.

Is the video appropriate for kids? Yes! Ayushmann Khurrana and Sanya Malhotra look like they’re having so much fun, making silly faces, and overall having a blast. 

Key Learning Words:

Kamaal -fantastic

Morni = peacock

Kithe chali jaandi ae = where are you going? (Punjabi)


    #2 Makhna 

    The Top Bollywood Songs for your Kids 2021, 2020

    A beautiful song featuring Jacqueline Fernandez and the late Sushant Singh Rajput traveling through Israel. The song has a great vibe -- starting off slow and building up to a great beat. Featuring a group of friends on a vacation -- this video has a hand-held camera feel to it. The locations, and settings are stunning (and made me a little jealous haha).

    Is the video appropriate for kids? Maybe. The video includes some drinking and late-night partying, which may be too much for a young child! Check out our 


    Key Learning Words:

    - Mila jo sang tera - once I was with you

    - URa Patang mera - my kite flew (Patang means kite)

    - Hava - wind

    - Makhna - sweetheart

    - Paagal - crazy

    - Pyaar - love


    #3 Sweetheart

     Top Bollywood Songs for Your Kids 2021, 2020

    A hit song also featuring Shushant Singh Rajput! His dancing and acting light up the screen and make this song even more dance-worthy. The song is centered around the English word “Sweetheart,” so your kids can pick it up really fast.

    Is the video appropriate for kids? Yes! Set at a wedding, the dancing is the star in this song. There is a signature step -- with heart shaped hands -- that your kids will love to do!

    Key Learning Words:

    - Meri Sweetheart hai - that’s my sweetheart!

    - Nain - eyes

    - Sitara - star

    - Chand  - moon

    - Shahi joRa pehenke - wearing a beautiful dress

    - Ban than ke - all dressed up


    #4 Aankh Marey

     The Best Bollywood Songs for Your Kids 2021, 2020

    One of the biggest dance songs from Bollywood! This song is a remix of an older 90’s song (that's why Karan Johar says “one more remix” in the beginning of the song!) “Aankh maare” literally means “he/she winks.” It also has some other great words your kids will like to learn like “seeti bajaaye” (to whistle.)

    Is the video appropriate for kids? Yes! The video looks like a cool glow-in the-dark party, with an elaborate set, cars and lots of Bollywood masala. Watch and enjoy!

    Key Learning Words:

    - Dil - heart

    - Seeti bajaaye - whistled

    - Beech saRak - in the middle of the road (saRak means "road")

    - Nakhre dikhaaye - acting dramatic

    - Karke Ishaare - doing actions/signals

    - Aaankh Maare - wink

    - LaRki - girl

    - Peeche-peeche aaye - follows

    #5 Dus Bahane 2.0

    Top Bollywood Songs for Kids 2021, 2020

    Another remix song, which was remixed for a reason! Dus Bahane’s music and lyrics just make you want to get up and move. Because “Dus” means “10” -- this song will give you a good opportunity to teach your child their Hindi numbers (and maybe even introduce Madhuri to them in 1,2,3 :))

    Is the video appropriate for kids? No. The video has scantily clad actors, which may seem inappropriate. Listen to our SAAVN or SPOTIFY playlist instead:).

    Key Learning Words:

    - Aakhon - eyes

    - Jaadoo - magic

    - Mushkil - difficulty 

    - Dus - 10 

    - Bahane - excuses

    - Le gaye dil - took my heart away


    #6 Laal Ghaghra

     Best Bollywood Dance Songs For Kids 2021 2020

    Another banger, with bits of Hindi -- Laal Ghaghra is a hit at every party (even if you haven’t heard it before)! Laal means “red” so it might be a perfect time to teach your kids about colors and even about the different kinds of Desi clothes (Ghaghra, Salwar Kameez, Kurta Pajama, SaRi, etc.).

    Is the video appropriate for kids? Yes! The video is set at a party and there’s lots of group dancing.

    Key Learning Words:

    - Laal - Red

    - Ghaghra - long skirt (traditional wear)

    - Jaan - life

    - MukhRa - face

    - Kaala - black

    - Surma - kajal/ eye makeup


    #7 Ghungroo

     Best Bollywood Songs For Kids 2021 2020

    Very suave and chill, Ghungroo has a beach party vibe, which makes sense because the video is set on a beach! This one is great for kids because it teaches them lots of useful Hindi/Urdu, like the phrase “toot gaya” which means “it broke!” 

    Is the video appropriate for kids? Mostly yes! The beginning of the video has some romantic scenes, but once the dancing kicks in, it's all good:).

    Key Learning Words:

    - Lamhe - moments

    - Kharaab - ruin

    - Galti - mistake

    - Neend - sleep

    - Subah tak - until morning

    - Zor se naachi aaj - danced with force today

    - Ghungroo - Anklets

    - Toot gaye - broke


    #8 Nachde Ne Saare

    The best Bollywood Songs For Kids 2021 

    A great song for any little dance performers out there -- it’s a perfect sangeet song! Although this song has many Punjabi lyrics (like many Bollywood dance songs do), it also mixes in some Hindi!

    Is the video appropriate for kids? Yes, absolutely! The song is set behind the scenes at a wedding, so it shows the food, dance practice and many other things. It might be useful to show your child if they haven’t been to a Desi wedding yet.

    Key Learning Words:

    - Munda - man

    - KuRi - women

    - Nachde ne saare - everyone dances

    - Nazaare - sights


    #9 Chandigarh Mein

     The Top Bollywood Songs For Kids 2021 2020

    Another dance floor staple -- this song is the second song on this list from Good Newwz. Your child can learn a very useful word “Ghar” and maybe even a little about Indian geography -- like Chandigarh is a Northern Indian city in Punjab.

    Is the video appropriate for kids? Yes! Similar to other songs on this list, the video is picturized at a club/party. There is a sparkly set and lots of dancing.

    Key Learning Words:

    - Dilaade - buy me

    - Ghar - house

    - Chandigarh - a city in Punjab India

    - JoRi - couple


    #10 Dil Chori

     The Best Bollywood Dance Songs for Kids 2021 2020

    “Dil Chori” is one of the oldest songs on this list, but one that has endured! Hear it on the radio, at parties and at every celebration. It is also filled with good Hindi words to learn (warning it does mention drinking red wine though!).

    Is the video appropriate for kids? Yes! Just lots of dancing!

    Key Learning Words:

    - Dil - heart

    - Kahaani - story

    - Piili - drank

    - Puraani - old

    - Apsara - angel



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