Amaya learning her Hindi colors!


Reena’s videos and flashcards make learning Hindi a ton of fun for both my kids. I have also improved my understanding of Hindi grammar as I follow along with her lesson plans. Reena is wonderful at connecting to her students through her videos. They are always asking me if Reena Auntie has sent us new videos to watch! They are now starting to talk to their 100 year old Naniji in Hindi and Naniji can’t believe her ears! Thank you Reena!” - Rashmi 



My son loves it:) We just did the first class and are busy saying the colors of everything in our apartment!” - Kathryn 


“I am fully capitalizing on these confined times to get them interested in learning Hindi! In fact we have decided to make silly video reels to learn the sentences. Clearly we have taken cues from your videos. Lol.”  - Coomy

“Thanks to Reena for putting all of this together. It’s such a gift. I searched many options to start teaching my girls Hindi and after finding your program, I knew it seemed like the best approach. My husband and I are professional designers, so it was refreshing to see how clear and well put together your sample video was. I’m looking forward to this journey!!” - Anju


“Both my hubby and I (he is Indian, grew up in Rajasthan; I am from America) are trained language teachers and your courses have fascinated me a lot because of your chosen language teaching methods. 

I also thank you again for your courses. You know how hard it is to find good resources that teach conversational Hindi to children with a focus on the most essential vocabulary for communication. You truly have filled a need for such resources; your content and approach is far superior to the alternatives!  Also, your sweet tone stole the hearts of my children such that they really enjoyed your videos. It is nice to have Hindi children's content available that is not explicitly hindu and in a narrative format.” - Corrie


"We love your lessons, by the way. I was feeling bad about not doing enough to pass Hindi down to my children and your website has been a turning point for us. Thank You!" - Sonia


I feel very fortunate to have come across Hindi by Reena. It is exactly what I was hoping to find online. Although I grew up in India, I do not speak good grammatical Hindi, but I can read and write it. I have two daughters who were born and brought up in London. Sadly not that I look back on it, I didn't teach them any Hindi because I felt my command of the language wasn't good enough. Now I have two grandsons. My daughters are very keen for their sons to learn some Hindi so that they can interact with people they meet on visits to India. Your suggestions here of conversational Hindi sounds like the perfect way to get started with my 6 year old grandson. I am going to try your flashcards on him. My daughters can also benefit! Thank you very much. - Priya Thirkell


Love what you're doing and so grateful. You're just wonderful with the kids and I know our son really enjoys showing up at every opportunity. Thank you! 


- Angelie Sood 

You are a great teacher. Very nice and not overly stern like what I am used to from Desi folk in my parents' generation.

Just a quick shoutout to say the kids really enjoyed your class. You do such an awesome job of teaching. They have been enjoying the online classes also. 

It is the most relatable Hindi plan and easy to connect with for an ABCD parent and their kids.

"Each of my grandsons now has a copy of My First Hindi Words, and they are learning fast. We have made a start on your Hindi course and it's been fun for all of us! Your videos are very good". - Priya